Stefano Gatteri and Guerrino Breoni from friends to members: Mollificio Adige is born in the city center of Verona


In the nascent industrial area of Verona Sud the new headquarters is built by building the first shed of 2,000 square meters.   At the same time Pierluigi Gatteri takes the place of his father Stefano in the commercial management of the company


Sergio Breoni, son of Guerrino, enters in the company, who will develop over the years that technical experience useful to still play the role of production manager


Technology evolves and Mollificio Adige with it. The production department is updated by inserting specific CNC machines in the production process, which use electronics in the production phase and in the control and testing of the product


The third generation arrives: alongside Pierluigi, his son Stefano begins the process of computerization and digitization of the company.  New tools allow total traceability of production batches


Mollificio Adige expands, buying two new sheds that allow to reach the current 4,000 square meters. The construction of a photovoltaic system allows greater environmental sustainability


With that sense of familiarity that has always characterized the management of the Mollificio Adige, we celebrate over 65 years of history

Who we are

Mollificio Adige is located in the industrial area of Verona Sud (fair area); it operates in an area of 4,000 square meters employing an average of 25 employees.

It’s been over half a century since the two founding members started their business; today we are in the third generation and the passion, seriousness and dedication to work have remained faithful to the spirit of the forefathers

4.000 Mq Company Area
68 years of history


We carry on our company with the sense of familiarity, following the values transmitted by the founding members. It is essential for us to improve the company through continuous research of innovative technologies, methods and processes.

We guarantee the strategic growth and balance of our company by committing ourselves to developing environmental, social and governance sustainability

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